"Therapy has helped a great deal. I came in using a cane to walk, which is gone. My leg is a lot stronger. Stairs are much easier because my muscle is a lot stronger. Walking without a limp is possible with very little effort. The exercises I have been shown are great and i can feel the difference after a PT session. Physical therapy has been a very positive experience."  --Michael S.


"When I first started therapy, I was using a cane all the time. Now I am walking through the grocery store and shopping with no problem. I am able to turn on my side in bed with no difficulty. I think therapy has definitely helped." --Janice W.


"Ashley Matchett provides effective relief of cervical pain with manual traction and spinal pressure. He closely monitors the exercises so that they are done properly with attention to detail so that no further harm is done and there is a good result.. I can depend on getting relief from pain."  -Carolyn B.


"Physical Therapy has helped me improve my strength and flexibility following arthroscopic surgery. I have learned a lot about maintaining my strength and flexibility and plan to continue using the exercises I have learned in the future (and some of them with my students). Thank you for helping me through my rehab!" --Patricia M.


I have had grea‚Äčt results! Sure it was hard but I also had fun! I can finally get back to running around without any worries. My hurt knee is actually stronger than my knee that wasn't hurt. The whole office staff is wonderful. They are all friendly and caring. I've had an amazing time and will honestly miss it. It's just so friendly. I've gotten to know them very well. I will 100% recommend it to anyone who needs therapy. Thanks again for everything!  You've made it enjoyable.  Zach B. 10/9/2013


Thank you so much for all of your help in my recovery from knee replacement surgery.  You all have been so helpful, professional and supportive.  You went to great lengths to help me to achieve each goal.  Your knowledge and work has helped me to recover from a difficult surgery.  I would recommend you to anyone!! Again, thank you for your professional service.

I am very pleased with the results from my physical therapy with Renee.  Not only did I get relief from pain, but also the education about my condition and how to continue therapy at home.  I really thought i was "stuck" with the pain forever, but Renee's evaluation was so accurate, and the therapy so effective, I feel totally changed back to my normal self.  I appreciate Renee's patient and knowledgeable approach, and how she taught me how to improve my work activities to avoid this pain in the future.

I am so pleased with the results of my therapy.  Renee was encouraging and helpful with the instructions of what I was supposed to do and not do.  I felt very peaceful and confident with the therapy she did on me.  I'm so excited that I see improvement in the movement in my arm and neck area.  As I live by myself it is important to be able to do things on my own.